Critique du single parue dans le magazine Beat Instrumental.

Critique du single Don’t Bring Me Down / We’ll Be Together parue dans le magazine Beat Instrumental de novembre 1964.

Don’t Bring Me Down
We’ll Be Together
Fontana TF 503

On tour, the Pretty Things whip up enormous enthusiasm. The only surprise is that they’ve waited so long for this follow-up disc to « Rosalyn, » their debut—which hit the charts. Trouble has been finding the right material . . . and this top side was penned by Johnny Dee, ex-singer of the Bulldogs, who travelled with the « Things » soaking up their own individual sort of atmosphere.

Treatment shows signs of similarity to a Rolling Stone production, but this may not be a handicap. Phil May’s violently husky vocal work is quite exceptional, flexible and dynamic. The R & B « feel » comes through well enough . . . well enough to give it a chart placing. Flip, on the other hand, features slow and ponderous blues motifs, with a thoroughly way-out approach all the way. Taken on the strength of both sides, this release adds considerably to the boys’ « Rosalyn » reputation.

The session was handled by drummer-arranger Bobby Graham with Fontana recording manager Jack Baverstock. Says Jack: « I believe this will be the one to get the boys really big acceptance. They’re exciting and authentic. No trouble on the recording—it was in the can after just five ‘takes’. »

Could be a pretty good seller for the Pretty Things.

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