Compilations des Pretty Things

Les compilations d’Electric Banana figurent sur la page Electric Banana.

PochetteAnnée, titre, pays, label
Pochette de l'album Midnight to Six Man.1966 : Midnight to Six Man
Pochette de l'album We'll Be Together1966 : We’ll Be Together
Pochette de l'album Greatest Hits 1964-1967.1975 : Greatest Hits 1964–1967
1975 : S. F. Sorrow and Parachute
Pochette de l'album Attention! The Pretty Things!1976 : Attention! The Pretty Things!
Pochette de l'album Attention! The Pretty Things! Vol. 2.1976 : Attention! The Pretty Things! Vol. 2
1976 : Real Pretty
Rare Earth
Pochette de l'album The Vintage Years.1976 : The Vintage Years
Pochette de l'album The Pretty Things Singles A's & B's1977 : The Pretty Things Singles A’s and B’s
1984 : Let Me Hear the Choir Sing
Pochette de l'album Closed Restaurant Blues.1985 : Closed Restaurant Blues
1986 : Cries from the Midnight Circus: The Best of The Pretty Things 1968–1971
Pochette de la cassette Get a Buzz: The Best of the Fontana Years.1992 : Get a Buzz: The Best of the Fontana Years
Pochette de l'album On Air.1992 : On Air: Original BBC Recordings
Band of Joy
Pochette de l'album Unrepentant.1995 : Unrepentant: The Anthology
Pochette de la compilation The EP Collection… Plus.1997 : The EP Collection… Plus
See for Miles
Pochette de l'album Latest Writs, Greatest Hits: The Best of Pretty Things.2000 : Latest Writs, Greatest Hits: The Best of Pretty Things
Pochette de l'album Midnight to Six.2000 : Midnight to Six
Pochette de l'album The Psychedelic Years.2001 : The Psychedelic Years 1966–1970
Pochette de l'album The Rhythm & Blues Years.2001 : The Rhythm & Blues Years
2002 : Singles As & Bs
Pochette de l'album Come See Me: The Very Best of The Pretty Things.2004 : Come See Me: The Very Best of The Pretty Things
Shout! Factory
Pochette de la compilation Emotions and Singles A's & B's.2008 : Emotions & Singles A’s & B’s
2008 : Singles ’64–’68
Pochette de l'album Introducing The Pretty Things.2013 : Introducing The Pretty Things
Pochette du coffret Bouquets from a Cloudy Sky.2015 : Bouquets from a Cloudy Sky
Pochette de l'album The French EPs 1964-692017 : The French EPs 1964–69
Pochette de l'album Greatest Hits2017 : Greatest Hits

Compilations avec les Pretty Things

Le nombre de compilations reprenant une ou plusieurs chansons des Pretty Things étant ce qu’il est, cette liste n’est pas exhaustive et ne le sera sans doute jamais. N’hésitez pas à proposer des ajouts !

  • 1964 : Liverpool Beat (Rosalyn, Big Boss Man)
  • 1966 : The Best of Ye-Ye-Ye (Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut et Honey, I Need)
  • 1966 : The Big 4 (Midnight to Six Man)
  • 1966 : Britain’s Best (Judgement Day)
  • 1966 : Dance with… (Progress)
  • 1966 : Let’s Go A Go Go! (Come See Me)
  • 1967 : Made in England (£.s.d.)
  • 1970 : Harvest Sweeties (October 26)
  • 1970 : Picnic: A Breath of Fresh Air (The Good Mr. Square)
  • 1973 : Dance to the Beat of Looney Tunes! (Allnight Sailor, Onion Soup)
  • 1974 : History of British Rock (Don’t Bring Me Down)
  • 1975 : The Atlantic News (It Isn’t Rock ‘n’ Roll)
  • 1975 : Old Grey Whistle Test (Singapore Silk Torpedo)
  • 1975 : The Star-Club Anthology Vol. 4 (Rainin’ in My Heart)
  • 1975 : The Star-Club Story (Big Boss Man)
  • 1976 : By Invitation Only (Is It Only Love)
  • 1977 : Harvest Heritage: 20 Greats (S. F. Sorrow Is Born)
  • 1980 : Allnighters (Rosalyn)
  • 1982 : Not Just Beat Music 1965–1970 (She Says Good Morning)
  • 1986 : Rubble 2: Pop-Sike Pipe-Dreams (Defecting Grey)
  • 1986 : Rubble 3: Nightmares in Wonderland (Mr. Evasion)
  • 1990 : The Psychedelic Years (S. F. Sorrow Is Born)
  • 2001 : Acid Drops, Spacedust & Flying Saucers (Talkin’ About the Good Times)
  • 2001 : Nuggets II: Original Artyfacts from the British Empire and Beyond 1964–1969 (Midnight to Six Man, Walking Through My Dreams et Rosalyn)
  • 2009 : Shapes & Sounds Vol. 3: Technicolour Dreams from the BBC Archives 1967-1971 (Old Man Going)
  • 2010 : Bo Diddley Is a… Songwriter (Pretty Thing)
  • 2013 : Les trésors du rock de Philippe Manoeuvre (Cries from the Midnight Circus)
  • 2014 : DavidHeroesBowie (Rosalyn)
  • 2017 : Rock and Roll Music! The Songs of Chuck Berry (Oh Baby Doll)
  • 2017 : Looking at the Pictures in the Sky: The British Psychedelic Sounds of 1968 (Talkin’ About the Good Times)
  • 2018 : Jon Savage’s 1965 (London Town)
  • 2018 : Jon Savage’s 1968 (Talkin’ About the Good Times)
  • 2018 : Try a Little Sunshine: The British Psychedelic Sounds of 1969 (You Might Even Say)
  • 2019 : Across The Great Divide: Getting It Together in the Country 1968–74 (Country Road)
  • 2019 : Lullabies for Catatonics: A Journey Through the British Avant-Pop/Art Rock Scene 1967–74 (Parachute)
  • 2020 : A Slight Disturbance in My Mind: The British Proto-Psychedelic Sounds of 1966 (A House in the Country et My Time)

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