All the nameless, motherless, helpless,
Crouching figures in the park,
Warm to songs that sing of freedom,
Then with loneliness they dance.

Drowned Man

Voici un index alphabétique de toutes les chansons composées ou interprétées par les Pretty Things et leur « famille étendue », qu’elles soient parues sous leur nom ou sous un alias (Electric Banana, Fallen Angels…). Ces dernières sont signalées par un astérisque (*).

TitreAuteur(s)DatePremière parution
13 Chester StreetMay, Pendleton, Prince, Stax, Taylor1965The Pretty Things
13 ½ Floor Suicide*May1978Phil May & the Fallen Angels
96 Tears*Martinez1994A Whiter Shade of Dirty Water
Ain't Got You*Carter1991The Chicago Blues Tapes 1991
Ain't No GraveEly2020Bare as Bone, Bright as Blood
AlexanderMay, Povey, Taylor, Waller1969Even More Electric Banana
All Gone NowMay, Waller2009Philippe DeBarge
All Light UpMay, Povey1999single, Balboa Island
Allnight SailorMay, Tolson1972Freeway Madness
The Amble*Taylor1993Wine, Women & Whiskey
And I DoMay, St. John, Woosey2015The Sweet Pretty Things…
Another Bowl?May, Tolson1972Freeway Madness
Another WorldHarlen2020Bare as Bone, Bright as Blood
AtlantaMay, Tolson1974Silk Torpedo
Baby, Please Don't Gotraditionnel2019The Final Bow
Bad Boy*Taylor1993Wine, Women & Whiskey
Balboa IslandHolland2007Balboa Island
The Ballad of Hollis BrownDylan2007Balboa Island
Balloon BurningMay, Povey, Taylor, Waller1968S. F. Sorrow
Baron SaturdayMay, Taylor, Waller1968S. F. Sorrow
The Beat Goes OnMay, Holland, St. John2007Balboa Island
Belfast CowboysMay, Povey1974Silk Torpedo
Big Boss ManDixon, Smith1964single
Big CityDuncan, Klein1965The Pretty Things
Bitter EndMay, Povey1980Cross Talk
Black Girltraditionnel2020Bare as Bone, Bright as Blood
Blow Your Mind*May, Povey, Taylor, Waller1969Even More Electric Banana
Blue Serge BluesMay, Povey, Waller1970single
(Blues for) Robert JohnsonHolland, May2007Balboa Island
Blue Turns to RedHolland, May1999Rage Before Beauty
Bracelets of FingersMay, Taylor, Waller1968S. F. Sorrow
Bridge of GodMay1974Silk Torpedo
Bright as BloodWoosey2020Bare as Bone, Bright as Blood
Bright Lights of the CityMay, Waller1967Emotions
Bruise in the SkyMay, Povey1974Silk Torpedo
Buried AliveMay, Holland2007Balboa Island
Buzz the JerkMay, Taylor1965Get the Picture?
California*May, Waller1978Phil May & the Fallen Angels
Candy*Blackman, Jenkins1994A Whiter Shade of Dirty Water
Can't Be SatisfiedMorganfield2015Live at Rockpalast
Can't Hold Out*James1991The Chicago Blues Tapes 1991
Can't Stand the PainGraham, May, Taylor1965Get the Picture?
Can't StopEngel, May1987Out of the Island
Caress Me Baby*Reed1991The Chicago Blues Tapes 1991
Cause and EffectMay1987Out of the Island
Chain of Fools*Covay1991The Chicago Blues Tapes 1991
ChildrenMay, Taylor, Waller1967Emotions
Circus MindMay, Tolson1971single
Come Home MommaMay1974Silk Torpedo
Come On in My KitchenJohnson2019The Final Bow
Come See MeBarnes, Jackson, Tubbs1966single
Cold StoneMay, Tolson, Waller1970single
Cold Wind*May1978Phil May & the Fallen Angels
Country RoadMay, Tolson1972Freeway Madness
Cries from the Midnight CircusMay, Waller1970Parachute
Cry to MeRussell1965Get the Picture?
Dance Again*May1978Phil May & the Fallen Angels
Dance All Night*inconnu1998Savage Eye (bonus)
Danger Signs*May, Taylor, Waller1967Electric Banana
Dark DaysHolland, May2015The Sweet Pretty Things…
Dearly BelovedMay, Povey2007Balboa Island
DeathAlder, May, Taylor, Waller1968S. F. Sorrow
Death of a SocialiteMay, Stirling, Taylor1967Emotions
Defecting GreyMay, Taylor, Waller1967single
The Devil Had a Hold of MeWelch2020Bare as Bone, Bright as Blood
Diddley Daddy*McDaniel1991The Chicago Blues Tapes 1991
Dirty SongMay, Woosey2015The Sweet Pretty Things…
Dogs of War*May1978Phil May & the Fallen Angels
Do My Stuff*Stuart, Waller1978The Return of the Electric Banana
Don't Bring Me DownDee1964single
Don't Lie to MeBerry1965The Pretty Things
Don't Start Cryin' Now*Moore, West1991The Chicago Blues Tapes 1991
Down in the Bottom*Dixon1991The Chicago Blues Tapes 1991
DreamPovey1974Silk Torpedo
Drowned ManMay, Povey1975Savage Eye
Eagle's SonMay, Povey, Taylor, Waller1969Even More Electric Banana
Easily Done*May1973Hot Licks
Edge of the NightMay, Waller1980Cross Talk
Eve of DestructionSloan1989single
Everlasting FlameHolland, May, St. John1999Rage Before Beauty
Everything You Do Is FineMay, Waller2015Bouquets from a Cloudy Sky
Fallen Angels*Finn1978Phil May & the Fallen Angels
Falling AgainMay, Waller1980Cross Talk
FaultlineHayes, Been2020Bare as Bone, Bright as Blood
Feel Like Goin' Hometraditionnel2007Balboa Island
Fly AwayMay1999Rage Before Beauty
Freedom Songtraditionnel2007Balboa Island
French Champagne*Paulus1993Wine, Women & Whiskey
Get a BuzzMay, Pendleton, Prince, Stax, Taylor1965Get the Picture?
Get the Picture?May, Taylor1965Get the Picture?
Gettin' All Wet*Carr1993Wine, Women & Whiskey
Get Yourself HomeDanks, Dee1992single, The Pretty Things (bonus)
Girl Like You*May, Waller1978Phil May & the Fallen Angels
God Give Me the Strength (To Carry On)May, St. John1999Rage Before Beauty
Goin' DownhillMay, Tolson1989single
Gonna Find Me a SubstituteTurner1965Get the Picture?
Goodbye, GoodbyeMay, Povey1999Rage Before Beauty
The Good Mr. SquareMay, Waller1970Parachute
Good Times*Edwards, May, Povey, Tolson1973Hot Licks
GrassMay, Waller1970Parachute
Graves of GreyMay, Waller2009Philippe DeBarge
Greenwood TreeGreenwood, Holland, Taylor, Woosey2015The Sweet Pretty Things…
Grey Skies*May, Povey, Taylor, Waller1968More Electric Banana
Growing in My MindMay, Taylor1967Emotions
Havana BoundMay, Tolson1972Freeway Madness
Hell, Here and NowhereWoosey2015The Sweet Pretty Things…
Hello, How Do You DoMay, Waller2009Philippe DeBarge
Helter SkelterLennon, McCartney2012The White EP
Here's My Picture*Arnold1991The Chicago Blues Tapes 1991
He's Waitin'*Roslie1994A Whiter Shade of Dirty Water
Holding Onto LoveEngel, Holland, May, Taylor2015Bouquets from a Cloudy Sky
Honey, I NeedSmith, Taylor, Warburton1965single
Hoochie Coochie ManDixon2015Bouquets from a Cloudy Sky
A House in the CountryDavies1967single
House of TenMay, Povey, Taylor, Waller1967Emotions
Hush Hush*Reed1991The Chicago Blues Tapes 1991
I Can Never SayMay, Pendleton, Prince, Stax, Taylor1965single
I Can TellMcDaniel, Smith2019The Final Bow
I Could Not Believe My Eyes*May, Tolson1973Hot Licks
I'd Love Her If I Knew What to DoMay, Waller2015Bouquets from a Cloudy Sky
If I Needed Somebody*May, Taylor, Waller1967Electric Banana
I Had a DreamWitherspoon1965Get the Picture?
I Keep On*Finn, Greenwood, Johnston, Lovelady, May, Waller1978Phil May & the Fallen Angels
I Love You*May, Wilkinson1968More Electric Banana
I'm a King BeeMoore1984Live at the Heartbreak Hotel
I'm a ManMcDaniel1994A Whiter Shade of Dirty Water
I'm CallingMay, Tolson1980Cross Talk
I'm Checking OutMay, Waller2009Philippe DeBarge
I'm Cryin'*Burdon, Price1993Wine, Women & Whiskey
I'm KeepingMay1975Savage Eye
I'm ReadyDixon2020Bare as Bone, Bright as Blood
In the BeginningMay, Holland2007Balboa Island
In the SoukhTaylor2015The Sweet Pretty Things…
In the SquareMay, Waller1970Parachute
I See YouMay, Taylor, Waller1968More Electric Banana, S. F. Sorrow
Is It Only LoveMay1974Silk Torpedo
It Isn't Rock 'n' RollPovey1975Savage Eye
It'll Never Be MeMay, Povey, Taylor, Waller1969Even More Electric Banana
It's All Over Now*Womack, Womack1993Wine, Women & Whiskey
It's All Over Now, Baby BlueDylan2015Bouquets from a Cloudy Sky
It's Been So LongMay1975Savage Eye
It's So HardMay, Tolson1980Cross Talk
I Want Your LoveDee, Tarr1965Get the Picture?
James Marshall*Stuart, Waller1978The Return of the Electric Banana
JoeyMay1974Silk Torpedo
Johnny B. GoodeBerry2015Bouquets from a Cloudy Sky
The JourneyAlder, May, Taylor, Waller1968S. F. Sorrow
Judgement DayMorrison1965The Pretty Things
Kicks*Garrett, Harper1994A Whiter Shade of Dirty Water
L.A.N.T.A.May, Povey, Smith1974Silk Torpedo
Let's Talk About Girls*Freiser1994A Whiter Shade of Dirty Water
The LetterMay, Waller1970Parachute
Living Without YouMay2018Singapore Silk Torpedo Live on Air
Livin' in My SkinMay, Holland2007Balboa Island
London TownHardin1965Get the Picture?
Loneliest PersonAlder, May, Taylor, Waller1968S. F. Sorrow
Long Tall Shorty*Abrahamson, Covey1991The Chicago Blues Tapes 1991
Look Away NowHolland, May, St. John2015Bouquets from a Cloudy Sky
The Loser*May, Povey, Tolson1973Hot Licks
Lost That GirlMay1980Cross Talk
Louie Louie*Berry1994A Whiter Shade of Dirty Water
Love, Dance and Sing*Reno1968More Electric Banana
Love in VainJohnson2020Bare as Bone, Bright as Blood
Love Is GoodMay, Povey1972Freeway Madness
Love Keeps Hanging OnMay1999Rage Before Beauty
Love Me a Little*inconnu1998Savage Eye (bonus)
LoverMay, Waller2017Rock St. Trop
£.s.d.May, Taylor1966single
Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth ShutMcDaniel1965The Pretty Things
Marilyn?2021Live at the BBC
Maybe You TriedMay, Tolson1974Silk Torpedo
Maze Song*Stuart, Waller1978The Return of the Electric Banana
Me Needing YouMay, Stirling, Taylor1966single
Mr. EvasionMay, Taylor, Waller1967single
Midnight to Six ManMay, Stirling, Taylor1965single
MimiTaylor2007Balboa Island
Miss Fay RegretsMay, Waller1970Parachute
Mona (I Need You Baby)McDaniel1984Live at the Heartbreak Hotel
Monsieur Rock (Ballad of Philippe)May, Waller2009Philippe DeBarge
The Monster ClubMay, Povey, Tolson1981The Monster Club
Mony MonyBloom, Cordell, Gentry, James1999Rage Before Beauty
The Moon Is RisingReed1965The Pretty Things
Mr. Tambourine ManDylan2017Greatest Hits
My Back Scratcher*Frost, Young1993Wine, Women & Whiskey
My Good Friend*Lovelady, May1978Phil May & the Fallen Angels
My SongMay1975Savage Eye
My TimeMay, Taylor, Waller1967Emotions
New DayMay, Waller2009Philippe DeBarge
No FutureMay, Tolson1980Cross Talk
No Questions*Grimaldi, May, Paulus1993Wine, Women & Whiskey
Not Giving InMay1999Rage Before Beauty
Not Only but AlsoMoore2002The BBC Sessions
October 26May, Waller1970single
Office LoveMay, Tolson1980Cross Talk
Oh Baby DollBerry1965The Pretty Things
Old Man GoingAlder, May, Povey, Taylor, Waller1968S. F. Sorrow
One Long GlanceMay, Taylor, Waller1967Emotions
Onion SoupMay, Tolson1972Freeway Madness
Out in the NightStirling, Taylor1967Emotions
Over the MoonMay, Waller1972Freeway Madness
ParachuteMay, Waller1970Parachute
Passion of LoveMay, St. John1996single, Rage Before Beauty
PeaceMay, Waller2009Philippe DeBarge
PeterTolson1972Freeway Madness
PhotographerMay, Stirling, Taylor1967Emotions
Play with FireJagger, Richards1999Rage Before Beauty
Pretty BeatHolland, May, St. John, Taylor2007Balboa Island
Pretty ThingMcDaniel1965The Pretty Things
Private SorrowMay, Povey, Taylor, Waller1968S. F. Sorrow
ProgressHalley, Spencer1966single
Pure Cold StoneMay, Taylor1999Rage Before Beauty
Pushing Too Hard*Carnochan, Edwards1994A Whiter Shade of Dirty Water
RainMay, Waller1970Parachute
Rainin' in My HeartMoore, West1965Get the Picture?
Rave Up*May, Povey, Taylor, Waller1969Even More Electric Banana
Redemption DayCrow2020Bare as Bone, Bright as Blood
Red River Rock*King, Mack, Mendelsohn1994A Whiter Shade of Dirty Water
Reelin' and Rockin'Berry1984Live at the Heartbreak Hotel
Religion's DeadMay, Tolson1972Freeway Madness
Remember That BoyMay1975Savage Eye
Renaissance FairCrosby, McGuinn2015The Sweet Pretty Things…
Ridin' Shotguninconnu2009Childline Rocks 2009
Rip Off TrainMay, Tolson1972Freeway Madness
RoadrunnerMcDaniel1965The Pretty Things
RosalynDuncan, Farley1964single
Route 66Troup2015Bouquets from a Cloudy Sky
Sad EyeTolson1975Savage Eye
The Same SunSt. John, Taylor2015The Sweet Pretty Things…
Scene OneMay, Waller1970Parachute
Scratch My Back*Moore1991The Chicago Blues Tapes 1991
Sea About MeMay, Waller1998Cross Talk (bonus)
Sea of BlueMay, Tolson1980Cross Talk
Seen Her Face BeforeMay, Waller2015Bouquets from a Cloudy Sky
Send You with LovingMay, Waller2009Philippe DeBarge
S. F. Sorrow Is BornMay, Taylor, Waller1968S. F. Sorrow
Shakin' All OverKidd1984Live at the Heartbreak Hotel
She Don'tMay, Tolson1980Cross Talk
She Fooled Me*Brown1991The Chicago Blues Tapes 1991
She's a LoverMay, Waller1970Parachute
She Says Good MorningAlder, May, Taylor, Waller1968S. F. Sorrow
She's Fine, She's MineMcDaniel1965The Pretty Things
She Was Tall, She Was HighMay, Waller1970Parachute
Shine On Baby*May, Waller1978Phil May & the Fallen Angels
Sickle ClownsMay, Waller1970Parachute
Silver StarsMay, Waller2017Rock St. Trop
Singapore Silk TorpedoMay, Tolson1974Silk Torpedo
Sittin' All AloneMay, Stirling, Taylor1965EP
Slow Beginnings?2015Live at the BBC
Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White*Cobb1994A Whiter Shade of Dirty Water
Spider WomanMay, Tolson2015Bouquets from a Cloudy Sky
Spoonful*Dixon1991The Chicago Blues Tapes 1991
SpringMay, Waller2002The BBC Sessions
Stone-Hearted MamaMay, Waller1971single
Street Girl*Reno1968More Electric Banana
Strychnine*Roslie1994A Whiter Shade of Dirty Water
Summer TimeMay, Tolson, Waller1971single
The SunMay, Waller1967Emotions
Sure Looks Good to Me*Caston1993Wine, Women & Whiskey
Sweet Orphan Lady*May, Povey, Tolson1973Hot Licks
Take a Look at MeMay, Waller2015Bouquets from a Cloudy Sky
Take Me Home*Stuart, Waller1978The Return of the Electric Banana
Talkin' About the Good TimesMay, Taylor, Waller1968single
Theme for MichellePovey1975Savage Eye
There Will Never Be Another DayMay, Taylor, Waller1967Emotions
A Thousand Ages from the Sun*May, Povey, Taylor, Waller1968More Electric Banana
Time Is on My Side*Meade, Norman1991The Chicago Blues Tapes 1991
To Build a WallVarley2020Bare as Bone, Bright as Blood
TrippingMay, Waller1967Emotions
TrustMay, Taylor, Waller1968S. F. Sorrow
Turn My HeadMay, Taylor, Waller2002The BBC Sessions, The Sweet Pretty Things…
Under the VolcanoMay, Tolson1975Savage Eye
Unknown BluesMay, Pendleton, Stax, Prince, Taylor1965The Pretty Things
Vivian PrinceMay, Holland, Povey1999Rage Before Beauty
Walk Away*Povey1973Hot Licks
Walking Down the Street*May, Taylor, Waller1967Electric Banana
Walking Through My DreamsMay, Povey, Taylor, Waller1968single
Ward 81Protrudi2013In Fuzz We Trust
We'll Be TogetherMay, Stax, Taylor1964single
Well Known BluesEngel, May, Shaw, Stephan, Taylor1987Out of the Island
Well of DestinyAlder, May, Povey, Smith, Taylor, Waller1968S. F. Sorrow
We'll Play HouseAldo, Gandy, May, Taylor1965Get the Picture?
What's Good for the Goose*May, Povey, Taylor, Waller1969Even More Electric Banana
What's the UseMay, Waller1970Parachute
Whiskey Song*Stuart, Waller1978The Return of the Electric Banana
WhyCrosby, McGuinn2015Bouquets from a Cloudy Sky
Wild and FreeMay, Tolson, Waller2015Bouquets from a Cloudy Sky
Wine, Women & Whiskey*Lightfoot1993Wine, Women & Whiskey
Wish FulfillmentMay, Tolson1998Cross Talk (bonus)
You Can't Judge a Book by Its CoverDixon2019The Final Bow
You Don't Believe MeGraham, May, Morrell, Page1965Get the Picture?
You'll Never Do It BabyFox, Smith1965Get the Picture?
You Might Even SayMay, Waller2009Philippe DeBarge
You Never Told Me LiesMay, Waller2015Bouquets from a Cloudy Sky
The Young PretendersMay, Povey1998Cross Talk (bonus)
You're Running You and MeMay, Waller2009Philippe DeBarge
You Took Me by SurpriseSaxon2015The Sweet Pretty Things…

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