Années 1960

AnnéeArtisteAlbum ou single
1963Bern Elliott & the Fenmen (Jon Povey et Wally Waller)Money (single)
1964Bern Elliott & the Fenmen (Jon Povey et Wally Waller)New Orleans (single)
1964Bern Elliott & the Fenmen (Jon Povey et Wally Waller)Bern Elliott & The Fenmen (EP)
1964The Fairies (Twink)Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright (single)
1964The Fenmen (Jon Povey et Wally Waller)Be My Girl (single)
1965The Fairies (Twink)Get Yourself Home (single)
1965The Fairies (Twink)Don’t Mind (single)
1965The Fenmen (Jon Povey et Wally Waller)I’ve Got Everything You Need Babe (single)
1965The Fenmen (Jon Povey et Wally Waller)California Dreamin’ (single)
1966Bunch of Fives (Viv Prince)Go Home Baby (single)
1966The Chicago Line Blues Band (Viv Prince)Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop (single)
1966The Fenmen (Jon Povey et Wally Waller)Rejected (single)
1966Viv PrinceLight of the Charge Brigade (single)
1968Tomorrow (Twink)Tomorrow
1968Vamp (Viv Prince)Floatin’ (single)
1969Kate (Viv Prince)Shout It (single)

Années 1970

AnnéeArtisteAlbum ou single
1970Black Cat Bones (Stuart Brooks)Black Cat Bones
1970Twink (avec Jon Povey, Viv Prince, Vic Unitt et Wally Waller)Think Pink
1971Edgar Broughton Band (Vic Unitt)Edgar Broughton Band
1971Leaf Hound (Stuart Brooks)Growers of Mushroom
1971Pink Fairies (Twink)Never Never Land
1972Edgar Broughton Band (Vic Unitt)In Side Out
1972Sunshine (Gordon Edwards et Jack Green)Sunshine
1973Edgar Broughton Band (Vic Unitt)Oora
1974T. Rex (Jack Green)Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow
1977England (Frank Holland, Mark St. John)Garden Shed
1977The Rings (Twink)I Wanna Be Free (single)
1978Phil May & the Fallen Angels (Phil May et Wally Waller)Phil May & the Fallen Angels
1978Twink and the FairiesDo It ’77 (single)
1978Wally Waller BandDo It
1979The Broughtons (Peter Tolson)Parlez-Vous English?

Années 1980

AnnéeArtisteAlbum ou single
1980Jack Green (avec Peter Tolson)Humanesque
1981The Charlie Flake Band (Wally Waller)I Don’t Feel Well
1981Jack Green (avec Peter Tolson)Reverse Logic
1983Jack GreenMystique
1985Mekons (Dick Taylor)Fear and Whiskey
1986Jack GreenLatest Game
1986Mekons (Dick Taylor)The Edge of the World
1986The Rose (Frank Holland, Mark St. John)Kites (single)
1987Mekons (Dick Taylor)Honky Tonkin’
1987Pink Fairies (Twink)Kill ’em and Eat ’em
1988Mekons (Dick Taylor)So Good It Hurts
1989Mekons (Dick Taylor)The Mekons Rock ‘n’ Roll
1989Twink with PlasticlandYou Need a Fairy Godmother

Années 1990

AnnéeArtisteAlbum ou single
1990Bevis and TwinkMagic Eye
1990Dick TaylorRocking the Stones (EP)
1990TwinkMr. Rainbow
1991Pretty Things / Yardbird Blues Band (Phil May et Dick Taylor)The Chicago Blues Tapes 1991
1992The Pretty Things ‘n Mates (Phil May et Dick Taylor)A Whiter Shade of Dirty Water
1993Pretty Things / Yardbird Blues Band (Phil May et Dick Taylor)Wine, Women & Whiskey
1995Blues Hangover (John Stax)Blues Hangover
1996Blues Hangover (John Stax)Roadrunner
1997England (Frank Holland)The Last of the Jubblies

Années 2000

AnnéeArtisteAlbum ou single
2007The Malchicks (George Woosey, avec Phil May et Dick Taylor)To Kill a Mockingbird

Années 2010

AnnéeArtisteAlbum ou single
2010The Fenmen (Jon Povey et Wally Waller, avec Dick Taylor)Sunstroke
2012The xPT’s (Skip Alan, Jon Povey, Peter Tolson et Wally Waller)Parachute Reborn
2014Last Minute Put Together Boogie Band (Twink)Six Hour Technicolour Dream Cambridge 1972
2015TwinkThink Pink II
2017Dull Knife (George Woosey et Jack Greenwood)Light Is the Night Dark Is the Day
2018John Coghlan’s Diesel (Phil May)Flexible Friends
2018Star Sponge Vision (Jon Povey et Twink)Crowley and Me
2018TwinkThink Pink III
2019Twink and the Technicolour Dream (avec Jon Povey)Sympathy for the Beast
2019Twink, Moths & LocustsThink Pink IV
2020Jack GreenThe Party at the End of the World

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