Pochette de l'album Rage Before Beauty.

Les Pretty Things qui adressent une prière à Dieu ? On aura tout vu !


Well, I was the boy who grew into manhood
With the rhythm ‘n’ blues as a Bible for life
In the glare of the lights, with the tape I was rollin’
The boy became man, the man took a while

With the world in your hands, you got youth as your heartbeat
Every move that was planned was a happening thing
Sweet smell of success, no stranger to this boy
And the road to access still a few streets away

The time it has come when mortality beckons
And reality strikes you with the force of a blow
So the dream disappears in a blaze of lost glory
And you’re left on your own with nothing to show

God give me the strength to carry on

With nothing to lose but nothing to fight for
And yesterday’s blues take a whole of my heart
I remember a time when the future was brighter
And I first saw your face in the palace of dreams

Down the sunny King’s Road, tryin’ to make my connection
In a Lincoln coupé set to drive me away
I was shoulder to shoulder with all the young heroes
And reached for the colours of a king for a day, yeah

God give me the strength to carry on

If a moment of time can be captured forever
Make mine black and white, so sharp to the eye
For the strength in my heart and illusions unbroken
For the song on my lips and the love in your eyes

God give me the strength to carry on

Mony MonyGod Give Me the Strength (To Carry On)

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  1. Emily

    L’autobiographie musicale de Phil May et l’une de mes chansons préférées de tous les temps! Merci d’avoir déchiffré et posté les paroles.

    1. Julien Brice

      Merci ! Pas toujours facile de comprendre ce que chante Phil, c’est frustrant qu’aucun des quatre derniers albums du groupe n’aie les paroles dans le livret.

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