Savage Eye


I went down to the muddy river
Where the blind fish do swim.
I saw the face on the drowning moon
And I nearly jumped in.

Sad sirens on the water
They call to me through the night.
They sing of you, their song is blue,
and so is the pain.

It’s been so long.

Oh Lord, won’t you help me,
Now I’m in such distress,
My song is blue, and so are you,
That’s why I’m in such a mess.

It’s been so long.

Out in the moonlight,
Beside Macadam highway,
You put out your thumb, Maggie baby,
You sure went a long way.

The neon angel passed you by,
He said old river seemed to sigh,
Separated, from you past,
We sometimes die.

It’s been so long.

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