Pochette du 45 tours Talkin' About the Good Times / Walking Through My Dreams.

Talkin’ About the Good Times / Walking Through My Dreams est un 45 tours des Pretty Things sorti en février 1968.

C’est le deuxième single du groupe pour Columbia.


  1. Talkin’ About the Good Times (Phil May, Dick Taylor, Wally Waller) – 3 min 41 s
  2. Walking Through My Dreams (Phil May, Jon Povey, Dick Taylor, Wally Waller) – 3 min 35 s


Principales éditions

  • 1968 : 45 tours, Royaume-Uni, Columbia DB 8353
  • 1968 : 45 tours, Allemagne de l’Ouest, Columbia C 23 732
  • 1968 : 45 tours, États-Unis, Laurie LR 3458
  • 1968 : 45 tours, France, Columbia CF 142
  • 1968 : 45 tours, Pays-Bas, Columbia DB 8353
  • 1968 : 45 tours, Suède, Columbia DB 8353


PRETTY THINGS seem to be wandering a bit. “Talkin’ About The Good Times” is hard to follow with some very uncommercial sounds going on but a lovely lovely organ bit.

Penny Valentine, Disc & Music Echo, 17 février 1968

A strange blend of old-fashioned twang sounds and latter-day intricate harmonic patterns. A very interesting record by the Pretty Things, laden with ideas and musical patterns.

In fact, it’s something of a patchwork quilt, and it doesn’t completely gel.

But it holds the interest all the way. The lyric is simple and repetitive, as an effective contrast to the welter of sounds in the backing. Certainly a disc with a difference.

Derek Johnson, NME, 17 février 1968

There’s a quieter approach from the Pretties these days. I prefer it and there is a lot of know-how put into this strong song, specially in the backing sounds. I can say, hand on heart, that it WILL make it, but it must be in with fair chances. Slightly over-complex, though. Flip: In some ways a stronger number. CHART POSSIBILITY

Peter Jones, Record Mirror, 17 février 1968

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