Pochette de l'album Balboa Island.
  • Auteurs : chanson traditionnelle arrangée par les Pretty Things
  • Album : Balboa Island (2007)
  • Durée : 4 min 45 s
  • Éditeur : Côte Basque Music


No I never, I never went too soon
Not one day in my life
I had to work hard every day
Every day of my life
I cannot breathe, I cannot rise
I cannot harden, I cannot hardly sign my name
Oh that’s a low down, low down
Low down dirty shame

I know I had no, no education
Education was not paid for me
But all my life, all my life I been beggin’
Down on my knees, down on my knees
I walked this whole world, this whole world
This whole world to be free
There’s no freedom, there’s no future
And it never will be

Well my life’s, well my life’s come on again
And I can see, see through the dark
I wanna hold out, I just wanna hold out
Hold out my hand
Please have mercy, please have mercy on me
I just wanna see, see everyone free
But there’s no freedom, there’s no future
And it never will be

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