• Auteurs : Ian Stirling, Dick Taylor
  • Album : Emotions (1967)
  • Durée : 2 min 38 s
  • Éditeur : Dunmo Music Publishing
  • Reprises :
    •  Blue Scepter ‎sur le single Out in the Night / Gypsy Eyes (1972)


Out in the night it seems so cold without you baby
When you’re not in sight, my heart don’t beat without you baby
Every night, I cry myself to sleep
Though people may say a man can’t weep
But I can, yeah, without you baby, yeah

I never felt the hand of love before you baby
I never knelt ashamed of myself before you baby
It seems like illusion that a people could cry
But now I know, I found the reason why
‘Cause I cry, yeah, without you baby, yeah

The hands of the clock are moving so slow ’cause you’re not around
And each of the chimes is such a, such a heartbreaking sound, yeah

Sun filled my days, remember when I was with you baby
None could have taken that warmth away when I was with you baby
Now life will be hard no sun in my sky
I may get along, Lord knows I’ll try
But I can’t, yeah, without you baby, yeah

Without you now
Without you babe, yeah
Without you, yeah
Without you babe
I need it bad, need it bad
Without you
I want you real bad…

House of TenOut in the Night — One Long Glance

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