Cet entrefilet non signé a paru dans le numéro 895 de l’hebdomadaire américain Record World, daté du 1er août 1964. Il s’agit sans doute d’une des premières mentions des Pretties dans la presse musicale d’outre-Atlantique, à l’occasion de la sortie prochaine du single Rosalyn au pays de l’oncle Sam. Le journaliste ne connaît du groupe que son nom, ce qui ne l’empêche pas de faire preuve d’une belle condescendance.


Just when the last word is group names seems to have been coined (e.g. The Animals), somehing else comes along to emphasize that in the disk business there is no last word.

The latest outlandish title is The Pretty Things, which would be all right for girls. But for boys! That’s what they are anyway. The Pretty Things are five lads from Britain whose first stateside release “Rosalyn” is out from Fontana this week.

No pic of the Pretties has been sent; so no judgement of their relative beauty can be made yet.

Source : WorldRadioHistory.com (PDF).