Matrice du 45 tours Sad Eye / Remember That Boy.

Sad Eye / Remember That Boy est un 45 tours des Pretty Things, sorti le 20 février 1976 au Royaume-Uni.

Il inclut deux chansons de l’album Savage Eye.


  1. Sad Eye (Peter Tolson) – 3 min 41 s
  2. Remember That Boy (Phil May) – 3 min 18 s



  • 1976 : 45 tours, Royaume-Uni, Swan Song SSK 19405


Lovely label design, but a disappointing record. Phil May’s vocals are treated with mucho echo and are tastefully backed by acoustic finger-picking and discreet keyboards so that you expect one helluva heavy metal riff to enter at any moment and kiss your skull away. It doesn’t appear, though. Merely a token release to promote the band’s new album “Savage Eye”.

Steve Clarke, NME, 7 février 1976

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