Cet article non signé est paru dans le numéro 347 de l’hebdomadaire britannique Disc, daté du 14 novembre 1964. Une colonne typique des magazines pour adolescent(e)s : les profils des membres du groupe en vogue du moment. Celle-ci est tout de même d’un niveau un peu plus élevé que la moyenne : vous y découvrirez que les Pretty Things avaient des goûts étonnamment raffinés en termes de musique, de cinéma, de littérature et même de nourriture !



I am… 21 years of age and was born in Loughborough in Leicestershire. Before coming into the music business, I was a civil servant. I play drums.

I played… with Carter-Lewis and The Southerners before joining The Pretty Things just before last Christmas. I was asked to join when the group started up.

I like… all kinds of music as long as it’s good. I particularly dig modern and Dixieland jazz.

My hobby… is cooking continental food. I particularly like an Austrian dish, Wienerschmitzel, which is made from veal steak. I really like cooking. I also like Danish food a lot.

I speak… French, German, and a bit of Danish and Swedish. I like travelling on the Continent and I’d also like to visit the States.

I used to live… in Denmark when I played with a group for six months. We lived in Odense, where I had a flat for the equivalent of 25 shillings a week. We were an exchange band for Papa Bue’s Danish Viking Jazzband and called ourselves the Jazz Cardinals.

I found… living in Denmark was quite cheap and I was very impressed with the country and the way of life there.

I play… dominoes. I used to play in pubs on Sundays and got quite fond of the game.

I prefer… rich food which I cook myself.

I drink… draught beer and Danish lager.

I’ve been playing… for about five years (properly for about a fortnight!)


I am… just 20. I’m the group’s vocalist and I also play harmonica and tambourine.

I was born… in Bexley Heath in Kent.

My favourite music… is modern jazz. I particularly dig Charlie Mingus, Thelonious Monk, Ornette Coleman and John Coltrane. I prefer progressive jazz. I also like R and B stars like Jimmy Reed and Chuck Berry.

I particularly admire… Jimmy Reed. I think everything he does is fantastic. He’s great even when he makes mistakes.

This is… my first group. I’ve never played with anyone else.

I like… art. I used to paint badly enough to appreciate good painters. I like Francis Bacon’s work.

I go to see… Continental films, by directors like Wajda (Poland) and Bergman (Sweden). I also like some British films, particularly “Eve” with Stanley Baker and Jeanne Moreau.

I’m interested… in cars and would like to buy one now I can afford it.

Food… I like are sausages. Sausages, egg and chips is the one dish you can get anywhere and it’s edible.

I drink… vodka and beer.

I’d like to see… the States and particularly Mexico.


I am… 21 in April and play bass guitar.

I was born… in Crayford, Kent.

I like… music of all kind, particularly blues. My favourite artists are Dale Hawkins, who’s a sing, Chuck Berry, Jimmy Reed and Snooks Eaglin.

I now live… in Holborn, in London.

I started… playing banjo during the skiffle era and graduated to guitar. I started playing bass guitar last Christmas.

I enjoy… listening to records and reading. I read a lot of science-fiction, but enjoy other subjects as well.

I used to… paint but now I don’t get time.

I eat… Indian and Chinese food.

I drink… vodka and pineapple juice.

I don’t like… people who make rude comments.

I’ve had… about 40 jobs. They include butcher’s boy, working on a building site and being a cobbler.


I am… 21 and was born in Dartford, in Kent. I now live in Bexley Heath. I’m the one with the beard.

I used to… play with The Rolling Stones. I was with them from the time they started until Christmas 1962. I was their bass guitarist, though I play lead with The Pretty Things.

I listen to… rhythm and blues and jazz. I also like some blue beat and I like Prince Baxter. Jazzmen I dig are Thelonious Monk and Charlie Mingus.

I read . . a lot. Favourite authors are William Burroughs, Jean Genet and Norman Mailer.

I collect… records and I’ve got hundreds. I particularly enjoy the discs of Jimmy Reed and Martha and The Vandellas. I’ve been collecting for several years.

I eat… Chinese food.

I once . . hitch-hiked over the Continent and finished up in Spain. That was three years ago.

I’d like to go… to Tangier. It’s a place which fascinates me.

I’d like to… make a film, acting and directing, if possible.

I drink… vodka and orange.


I am… 20 and play rhythm guitar.

I was born… in Wolverhampton, but I’ve lived all my life in Dartford, Kent.

I’ve played… guitar for three years—since I was 17. I first became interested in jazz and was later dragged into groups.

Music I like… is soul, modern jazz, played by people like Bobby Timmons, Cannonball Adderley. I also like Wes Montgomery and R and B.

I have… a collection of 50-60 LPs, of which a lot are modern jazz.

I can’t… drive yet, but I’d like to learn. I’d like to buy a fast saloon car.

I read… George Orwell and Albert Camus.

I eat… Chinese and some Italian food and drink vodka and lime, light ale and tomato juice.

I wear… casual clothes and smart casuals, sometimes.

My favourite colours… are navy blue, brown and green.

I like… flying now but I didn’t at first. I prefer big jets like the 707s and Caravelles to smaller planes.

I don’t like… travelling if I have to rush. I’ve been to Germany and I’d like to go back there. I’d also like to visit the States and Mexico. It seems we may go over next year.

My ambition… is to play modern jazz, though not necessarily for money. I’d like to have a second string to provide a living and play for enjoyment.

Source : WorldRadioHistory.com (PDF).