Maze Song

Pochette de l'album The Return of the Electric Banana.


In the [congress?] of a nation
There should be some questions here
Somebody is in the corridor
Should they be told that they can [appear?]

Kill ’em all situation
Burning [night steps?] east of the sun
Lost my way in a sea of mazes
And I’m back in the place I began

Could it be that somebody watching
Over me let [???]
[???] calling changes
On my knees, but I don’t believe

I’m so amazed I’m crazed
In a labyrinth I don’t understand
I’m so amazed I’m crazed
With sister reason take me by the hand

As an ancient Chinese [???]
[Islands of silence?] salute the sun
Faded symbol carved on a cold stone
[Blinding lines?] I see ’em [run?]

On a way down twisted corridors
Still I’m travellin’ on
[???] space [???]
Till the night skies turn

James MarshallMaze SongWhiskey Song

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