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Honey, remember me, I’m the one you brought home
Do you remember last night?
It was a party, down on the block,
Honey, do you think that was right?
Is it so easy for married women to hide their
Rings in their coat pocket?
Take out a youth from some scene, and really
Think they really got it?

Take it, eat it, put it in your pocket
Honey leave the rest of me behind
Take it, eat it, put it in your pocket
Handbag or something of that kind.

Is that your old man on the dresser?
Honey, turn his face to the wall.
I can’t perform, perform in these conditions,
Honey I can’t perform at all.
I can’t believe that someone like you
Could really take someone like me.
Can you believe in grandsons or grandchildren?
Honey can this really be?

You got no future.

Is it so easy to take me to your country home?
Is it so easy to leave?
What do you think I do for a living,
Honey won’t you look at my sleeve?
Hole is there it’s poking right through,
Elbows and even the bone
Don’t you believe someone like me
Really has some kind of home?

You like her a lot, you need some more,
But then pour me a drink, and close that door,
I’m dressed real sharp, sharp enough for you,
I can see the place we’re going to.

No future.

She Don’tNo Future

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