Pochette de l'album The Sweet Pretty Things (Are in Bed Now, of Course...).

En guise de conclusion, une « chanson sale » qui n’en a vraiment pas l’air… tant qu’on ne se penche pas sur les paroles, improvisées par Phil May pendant l’enregistrement.


As the sun presses up against the windows
And the blinds, they just [???]
In this room, the scene is so chaotic
And your [???] it lies scattered on the floor

As your tears start to flow, it’s so erotic
As my hands slowly move along your spine
We embrace and the feeling’s so exotic
Then we join in the union that’s sublime

In your arms, your heart beats so ignotic
And your lips start to slow the hands of time
[???] I am helpless and perfectic
Then my guilt flashes like a neon sign

I awake to the slow pulse of your sobbing
With this dawn comes a day to say goodbye
[???] that lies there on the table
Seals our fate and you know I won’t return

In the SoukhDirty Song

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