Pochette de l'album Cross Talk.


I caught the last bus down to the harbour
Where the moonlight’s on the sleeping sea
A pretty girl stood there at the bus stop
She said « hey Johnny, come and see about me. »

She said doop doop.

So many seamen able and willing
Have passed through these arms on their way to the sea
They leave me tokens of love and affection
When I drank from her lips, I tasted the sea.

She said doop doop.

How can a young girl hope to survive
Living alone when there’s no-one alive?
Out in the night she swallows her pride
And she says « catch me Johnny, I’m falling again. »

I jumped a freighter bound for Mombassa
I worked every day ‘neath a burning sky
l wrote her sea poems and nautical letters
I remember her words till the day that I die.

She said doop doop.

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